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  • Hey :) I'm replying to your message on a new board as I think the other board of ours was getting too long and taking ages to load.

    I'm not that close to this aunty, it's just upsetting because one of my other aunties who I was a lot more closer with and had more of a bond with died after cancer like eight years ago.

    I kind of get what you're saying - We do have other family but not much connection to them - we only really keep in touch with my two aunties (the one with cancer and another one) and my uncle so it's not that much when I come to think of it.

    Aww that's nice. Least that's a positive out of a negative.

    It's not too bad now, I'm mostly interacting with my friends from Level 1 but everyday, our group is interacting more and more so we'll see. I'm enjoying, thanks - except today I had a bad day. It's four days each week and in Level 1, you see, there was rarely homework except some rare occasions but I took my book home and did it out of enjoyment. This time, we have homework nearly everyday and i'm been on top of my work but this week, slightly fell behind and I was so tired yesterday and I was gonna have an early night. Instead, I decided to pull my finger out and get at least some work done, I did my artist presentation in my book, made it look all awesome and all (really proud of it and it took me four hours so nearly too midnight) and it got thumbs down by the teacher. So bummer :P

    Yeah, it's true - Glee couldn't acess Disney songs due to copyright and licensing and stuff but somehow, they've managed it with Let It Go. I think it's possibly due to the fact there's the Idina Menzel and the Demi Lovato version (with is same but with a few lyrical changes) and I don't think it's been properly confirmed which version Lea's maybe that's how they've bypassed the rules or maybe Disney gave in.

    Just keep on going, I don't think I could get invested in a new fic because i'm already way too invested in this one.

    I'm really thrilled with some of my song choices so far. I've got this season quite planned in details - I've got a document on Word that keeps expanding and expanding due to my ideas. I decided how my Season 1 finale is going to be yesterday - originally this other episode was going to be the season finale but I've added an order of more episodes so the finale's different....but it's gonna be so good. I just think I might get some flak for how promiment Marilyn (Melinda) is in the fic above some other characters.

    It's funny how you've re-named "Duet With Me" and called it "The New Harmony". Funnily enough, one of my episodes was at some point called that exact title :) 

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    • Ooh, sounds interesting! I truly admire people who can create visual art, because I am really bad at drawing, painting, etc. even though it's something I love to do. I struggle drawing the simplest of things, and I can barely form a three-dimensional object, lol. So I really admire people who are good at art, because it's something I've never been good at, even though I've tried really hard to be good at. :P It's kinda the same with doctors/nurses/etc, I know I could never do what they do, and so I really admire them for actually being good at what they do. And paper mache sounds like a good idea, if it's done well, you could do something really cool!!

      Haha, it's funny that you've been progressing more on the second episode than the first. Sometimes it's like that for me, too, where I'm more focused on a future episode than a current one. 

      Yes, I think you should only split up the episodes into two parts if you find a really good place to, because even though some people will find it annoying to read long episodes, I'm sure they'll find it more annoying to read a two-parter episode with the first half ending off on a low, anticlimatic point, if that makes sense.

      I get what you mean, with comparing Melinda to Santana. In my fic, I reckon Jason was definitely like that for the first 10 or so episodes, and then towards the end of the series he really picked up as a major character. 

      Really? I wasn't sure you'd like Froot, it's way too quirky for most people. But I'm glad you liked it :) By the way, I'm very excited because Froot is on iTunes for pre-order, and all the tracklists have been confirmed. And there was also a muck-up on her website where the technicians accidentally left the links to the lyric pages for the new songs ACCESSIBLE for ANYONE, and since they have fixed that, although the lyrics are all over social media regardless, because people had saved them and sent them around. I feel bad for Marina, because people aren't meant to know all of the lyrics until the songs come out. I'm also really excited because she's doing this thing called "Froot of the Month" where she releases a new song each month up until April, when her album comes out, so we get six songs (including the title track, Froot) before the album actually comes out next year, which is great.

      Yes, I love when artists re-invent themselves too, and P!nk is a great example. Honestly, I've loved basically everything she's put out, but I think my favourite genre/style she's done is pop. I can't really explain why, probably just because I think it suits her voice really well, and pop music is generally easier to like, if that makes sense.

      I feel like a lot of artists are forced to be someone they are not, or stick to a genre or style that they personally feel doesn't suit them, or they personally just don't want to do. This is a random example (and you might not even know about them, or have heard about them at all), but Karmin (made up of Amy and Nick, you might know them from their most popular releases "Acapella" or "Brokenhearted") were forced to be really poppy on their album "Pulses", but have since broken away from their record label because they didn't like the sound they were being made to sing, and their most recent releases to be on their next album are really down to earth and they made all their songs themselves, without the help of a label, which is really hard to do. Even Marina revealed in her latest interview that her label wanted her to be more mainstream, and she agreed to change her style and her image quite a bit just to become more successful, but she's said that with her new album, Froot, she's finally done everything she's wanted to do, and not let anybody control her releases except herself.

      Sorry for rambling on about artists you probably don't care about, lol :P Feel free to not reply to them, you probably have nothing to add, haha :)

      Yeah, surprisingly, I'm actually not a MASSIVE Jessie J fan either. I loved "Who You Are", but then "Alive" came out, and I just felt it was lacking and it was really bland. Luckily, she's redeemed herself with "Sweet Talker", although I feel she changed her style quite a bit on some tracks, and she's tried to sound more mainstream, which is kinda annoying, but I still loved her last album. And like you said, I'm more of a fan of her music, than her as an artist/as a person. For me, the artists that really speak to me are the ones that I connect with not only through their music, on a higher personal level too.

      Omg, watched the video. I literally was cracking up through the whole video. At first, I thought that was actually her singing, then I realised they'd just synced up new audio. OMG xP :D

      Well, as you probably guessed, I'm best at slushie covers, but remember I can do any custom background you want if you send it to me when you've got requests. But I also have the resources for the following: dodgeballs, graduation hats, Madonna disco ball, Christmas ornaments/baubles, converse shoes (from the Glee Project) and the apples, although I'm not sure how good the quality of these edits will be. I'm willing to trial any of these if you wish for me to :) Also, I found my VERY old (but nevertheless functioning) blog post outlining the slushie/background colours/types, if you'd like to see:'s_Glee_Slushie_Cover_Requests

      Also, my new episode should be coming very soon. It's completed, I'm just working on the next few episodes before I upload. :)

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    • To be honest, I don’t think I’m actually very good at Art. But I guess a lot of people say that, I think you’re always (me especially) critical of your own work but very in love with other people’s work. I’m not very good at three-dimensional objects either but I’m learning. For the 3-d mask, we’re doing animal masks and it’s got to be an animal you can get easy images for (you know from a farm, zoo or you house or a friend’s so cats, dogs, snakes, pigs, birds) I’m doing a cat mask but I’m going to do it in an exaggerative manner and I want to use paper mache. We can use anything from materials like cardboard, wire and stuff like that.

      I think it’s just because the first episode is a lot of stage setting and focuses on a few characters whereas the second episode has more a defined plot following a theme and it’s centered on a bigger roster of characters. I’ve stopped writing Episode 2 as I’m waiting for a mash-up from Hinton and because I don’t want to rush. But I’m planning Episode 3 at the moment, which I love, because there are loads of moments for each character and the songlist is really eclectic.

      I’m not going to think too much about it, not yet as it’s not even anywhere near the time but I’m leaning towards keeping the episode as one as like you say, Part One could end on an anticlimactic point.

      Yeah, Jason felt really in the background and he didn’t have much lines either so I only felt I noticed him when he was mentioned but yeah in Arc 2, he definitely shined.

      That’s really awful and such a bad thing as it could go to two ways, it could hurt the promotion of Froot but it could also get people talking. But yeah, that’s bad for Marina. If it was me, I’d be really annoyed with them technicians because now, you look at the lyrics and you already imagine what it’s going to sound like and then you finally get to listen to the song and it could completely different to what you imagined…in a bad way.  But that Froot of the month idea sounds really cool.

      I love how P!nk is venturing into country because it shows how talented she is and how big her range is  but I read an interview and she’s made it known, she’s still going to do pop songs. It makes me really happy to see how P!nk has progressed because yeah, ages ago around the time of “Lady Marmalade”, she was known and well established but it seemed people had more of a shine to Christina Aguilera or Britney…. but now, I feel P!nk is doing better than both of them, especially in the music category.

      Yeah, I read Jessie J said she wanted to crack America with “Sweet Talker” so I guess that reasons with why her music seems more mainstream. But the reason I enjoyed songs from her first album is because it felt British, not all polished like the songs American artists usually do.

      I knew you’d love it. When I’m feeling down, I watch that video as it delivers the laughs Everytime.

      Yeah, I have that blog post on my bookmarks but I’ve not been on it for a while so thanks for reminding me of it.

      YES, I can’t wait for the next episode.  But working on other episodes before uploading is a great idea in the long run.

      Could you test me an apple cover please?
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  • Least now for Jessie 2.0. You can use songs from her first album that you didn't use in "A Win?" and songs from her second album "Alive" and her recently released third album "Sweet Talker".

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    • Yeah, I'm really happy about that! I'm yet to here her most recent album (I'm not sure if it's even out in Australia, I'll have to check). 

      Tbh though, I didn't like "Alive" as much as her first album, but it's still got heaps of great songs :) It's just a different style, I think :)

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  • Hey :) Just thought i'd drop by and give you a list of things that need to be updated on the "Season One" page.

    You need more  numbers  onto character appearences.

    You need to create  banners for the last two episodes, and add them to the page, and the seperate episode pages.

    You need to add the plot summaries for "Almost There", "We're Here!", "Christmas Time Is Here", "Promalicious", and "If We Ever Meet Again", onto the page and they're seperate episode pages.

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    • I'm really excited for the new fic too..but i just wish i could get my words out.

      Lol. She'll definetley not become Tina. The plan is for the importance of characters, whether regular or recurring, to alternate each you get a look in at each character. :)

      Wow. That's far away.

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    • Yeah, I always find I have great ideas, but writing it down is the hardest part.

      That's great! That sounds like a really good plan, I'm trying something similar with season two of my fic, to focus on particular characters each episode and alternate.

      Well, it's only about a month, but I know what you mean. :P

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  • Hiya, Jordan! Just dropping by to let you know the first episode of my fanfic has just aired. You can check it out here  :)(:

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    • WOW, that was an amazing episode! Commented on the  blog post, so if you want to see a more detailed opinion my comment is there. You have a heap of talent, Narise!! :) Loved it

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  • Hey :) I love your new profile pic, who are the two or is one of them (the male obvs) you?

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    • I'm not sure, for some reason, I thought it'd be every day.

      Yeah, it's like that here in Australia too. None of our colleges, etc. are stay overnight programs, unless they're boarding schools (obvs.) How is the grading organized at your schools in England? In Australia, we have primary school (kindergarten to grade 6 or 7 - can depend), and then high school is years 7/8 to year 12. I'm guessing it's probably similar, as Australia is a Commonwealth and has been run similarly to England in terms of government, although, we only have a prime minister, no monarchs.

      I don't think rushing the eps will be an issue. I'm kind of a perfectionist. I hate posting my eps if they aren't as good as I can make them. I know my writing isn't always brilliant, and I think that's because I kinda don't always have fully planned ideas, and sometimes I'm making things up as I go along, but honestly, I can't see myself rushing ahead being too big of an issue, because as I do like things to be the best they can be, which obviously means I take quite a while to get eps posted.

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    • No. It's a part-time course, apparently. But then again, i heard my art tutor say it was a full-time course but i think it's only 3 days, due to budget cuts, because i've heard it used to be more :)

      I really don't know the grades for Kindergarten as i've not got my thinking cap on. But at Secondary school, you're year 7 up into year 11. :)

      That is very true :) I'm really nervous about my episodes, as i really wanna start writing, but i don't wanna (if that makes sense) Because i know they're be parts which won't have any sense or i change along the way.

      You know, when you have a plot planned and then you cut it, that's what i mean :)

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  • Hey :) I'd just like to say i loved Prim and she's accepted. I know who her friend is....Siobhan a.k.a Devonne :)

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    • Thank you Jack! You're so kind! That sounds great, I'm really excited for the new series. :)

      Btw, ep 1 will be posted on Sunday 25th August. Sorry for the delays, when I planned the release date, I suppose I never thought my birthday would be so busy that i wouldn't have time to post it.

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    • You're welcome. Me too, i've not got anything written but i've got stuff planned, so..i'm good.

      Ok cool :) I'm so excited. I hope you're episodes will be more spaced out though, will they?

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  • Hey :)

    Since my fan-fic cancelled. If there's any questions you'd like to ask about how some things were planned to end or what might of become of a certain storyline, you can ask (it's dependent on whether i can fully answer, because some things will be used in the new fic) but go ahead anyway.

    For example: How would the Walker/ Beth storyline have ended up?

    My reply would be: Beth would be empowered by this, but underneath heartbroken about it. Aurora would convince her to move on to someone else, seeing as theirs’s a wide range of available guys. But Beth would realise Walker's the only one for her and get back to get together with him, setting some conditions first. He would eventually get too comfortable in the relationship, and to lay on his anger about being beat up by jocks, he'd end up beating Beth, to feel in control. You'd also of learned as a kid, he use to suffer from anorexia and he was going to have a bond with Melinda, who was going to find out about what he's doing to Beth and not liking it. She’d try and make Beth see it was wrong. After a long time, she decides enough is enough and breaks up with Walker and ends up moving with her sister, Aurora to a different state where her grandparents live...they would have been happy since her mother was having a baby.

    Then despite what she knows, Melinda would grow close to Walker and you'd expect them to be a couple but you'd be treated to a scene in the far future. It would be an older Walker (about 50) in bed, suffering from cancer (you'd learn it to be common in his family) and a married Beth would come to his beside and tell him that despite his actions to her in the past, he was the one who made her know what love was...because it was never a big thing for her, with any others before him. She'd kiss him and Walker would say, that he loves her and that he's sorry for abusing her, but not sorry for knowing her. He would say that he's not afraid of dying as he's a champion, he won her love. He might of not won her but he won her love :)

    Then he'd died and she'd cry into his chest, and say, "You're beautiful (a call-back to his first solo to her). Then like she hadn't realized, her last words would be "You're gone"

    P.S. I asked Narise a while back if i could use Winter Delgado for S2 and she said yes, so i'm using her for my new fic instead. Don't worry though, she'll be different than the Unitards counterpart :)

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    • Well, you certaintly did a goob job at hiding that intention, that's for sure. :P

      That's really sweet, and a nice little story for Demetria, Spencer and her father. Btw, does Spencer's dad have a name, and if so, what was it? I think you might have mentioned it as Anthony or Andrew or something?

      That sounds really good. How would Spencer go in NY? Would she be accepted into NYADA?

      I thought Spencer might have been bisexual. I'm not sure why, but a lot of the time, I pictured her as bi. Devonne is a bit of a shock, but not completely unrealistic or unworkable.

      I kind of do agree a little with the fact that you threw the anorexia story in a bit early. I feel in the new fic, it'd be a little better if we got to know Melinda's character (obviously with a different name though) better before the anorexia plot pops up.

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    • Lol.

      His name's Anthony.

      Yes, she would be accepted into NYADA  but there'd be complications of course. I'm keeping the lid on them, as she wants NYADA  in the new fic aswell.

      Yeah. I agree. I think there'll be a few episodes before it happens, same with Spencer's story.

      Since some characters are being recycled, some songs may be recycled aswell...but perhaps used for a different character or in a different context. What are some songs from PTS, you'd like to see in my new fic?

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  • Hey Jordz :) This is the official confirmation, Glee: Paint The Sky has been cancelled.

    I didn't want to cancel it but i believe, it was just inconsistent. There were characters appearing who you think were going to have larger parts or some stories weren't carried over. But i do think as it went on, it got better, my writing got better, the characters had more depth. However, because it's taken me so long to get out of my writing block, to writing scenes, it's made me realise i don't want to write this because it feels like a'm going to begin a new Glee fan-fic.

    It will be more darker and grittier, dealing with touchy subjects and there will be more male characters for sure. I just think with PTS, the moral of the story wasn't really known. But since i think i did some things in PTS well, some storylines from the fic may crop up in the new one but they'll be handled differently and things like that.

    Characters like Spencer and Mary Lou may appear as i've grown quite fond of them :)

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    • That makes sense. I've had my own bedroom all my life, but my mum said while she was growing up she always shared it with her sister. It does sound like you have a big family. I only have a younger sister, and my parents obviously, so I have a pretty small family.

      I didn't read the book either. I still haven't though, but I think it would be a good book to read sometime. I love Emma Watson in practically everything she's been in. :P

      Yeah, cause obviously it doesn't snow in the majority of Australia, so I would never have seen it growing up. And the state I live in has never received snow in all of history, so I don't see it happening too soon. :P And usually when we travel, we go in our Winter to escape the cold (so when we go to other countries, their seasons are generally reversed so it is summer and won't snow).

      I think it's better to do character and song pages as well. Personally though, character pages are a real pain in the neck, because you have to update their biographies every episode.

      Thanks, my birthday was great. Mum surprised me and got flavoured macaroons (which I love). We had the family come over and for dinner we got Chinese. I got an iPad mini and a few other smaller things like books, chocolates, etc. but I mostly got money from my family (which is fine though because to be honest, I've reached that age where I don't usually know what I want anymore)

      I'm not sure. I have thought about it before, because the name of The Unitards is really strange, and a name change would make the series sound a lot better. But, I've only ever thought of changing the name for season three. Because by then, the new choir would be dinstinguishable from the one shown on Glee, and a new name would just add that sense of refreshment. But yeah, I don't think I'll change their name until S3.

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    • It's not that we've got a big family, it's that we've not got a big house with enough rooms.

      I also loved Patrick. He's so perfectly cast. Even if i haven't read the book, i know it.

      That's really weird, how you've never seen snow. Well, i hope you see snow sometime.

      I'll gonna do the character pages and song pages, but i've got a few known readers who i think will help.

      Aww, that sounds so nice. I'm at that age too but i've got a list of DVD's i want, and i've crossed a few of them off already. P.S. I love Chinese food.

      My birthdays' next year and nothing's planned or anything, though i've hinted i want to see Matilda: The Musical in London, but my sister said you'd have to stay the night...but i'm not at college as it's a Saturday, so it would work out..but it's unlikely, as my birthday's are never decent.

      To be honest, i wrote that wrong and  i was asking you if i should change the name for my fan-fic. But yeah, i think you should change the name too. I'm thinking of doing it.

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  • I love the new headers for the episodes of S1. :) They look cool and more updated.

    Also...when you're online, can you respond to my other message and also read my excerpt of Ep 7. :)

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    • Yay English essays! #ImSoGladIDontHaveEnglishClassesAtTech :P

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    • Haha :P

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